Happy new year folks. I added a 2007 XB12R to the stable, i wanted a 2010 XB9 for the extra cool blacked out stuff but I couldn't resist the price. Like most Buells, she had a rough life and I have sorted out most of the common issues.

Next steps, flashing the ECM. I have ecmspy and I'm confident with the process but one thing that stuck out was how much leaner the race map is. I have sourced a couple of DDFI-II RACE maps and they are all the same. LEAN. When I loaded the map into the XB12R the header started to glow read after idling for a period of time. The bike has a K&N filter, and a D&D pipe.

I have read posts up/down that say a glowing header on an XB is pretty normal BUT my 08 XB12XT has never glowed and the factory map for the XB12R doesnt glow. I have replaced intake seals and their are no leaks/cracks on the header. I don't have a AFV value to share, I reset it to 100% and did a TPS reset.

Comments? Observations?