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Thread: Cam position sensor-sensor assmbly

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaster70 View Post
    I have a heat gun. would I want to remove the timer cover to get heat directly on CPS
    Not really, as heat can cause a CPS to fail, or act up.

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    Replaced brand new from my local harley dealer the c p s cam position sensor or as the 2005 parts manual has sensor assembly which did not change anything in my problems of get the bike to run or even idel right. I would like to start with the fact that i checked the static timing with a meter and the flywheel timing mark in the center position of the crankcase plug hole as the meter showed 5v wedging the back tire to hold the flywheel to stay in that position and then rotate front intake cam position sensor till fuel pump prims and tightened sensor locking screws. Meter was hocked up to the wires i soldered on to the gray connector ecm pin 3 and 7 to get the mark on the flywheel in the perfect position. I also noticed that the cup trigger rotor which has 2 sets of3 fingers on it for front and rear spark timing would line up exactly in the same spot 180 degrees later each time i rotated the engine to line the timing mark on the flywheel 180 degrees trigger rotor would be in the exact same spot. So the only degree of advance or retarding of the timing is in the small movement of the cam sensor because it only has a small cutout top and bottom to turn the sensor plate to gain the perfect timing. Its not like a distributor where you can be off a tooth and proper timing is never achieved. So with that little room for timing adjustment it so hard to understand why it wont idle well but runs strong under load and higher rpm's. I have the buelltooth program dongle from revision moto which i have looked at and have checked afv iat and clt and nothing bad on the 02 reading either. Alot said but not much gained yet I'm not giving up. 20220311_155306.jpg cup trigger rotor 20220309_182034.jpg sensor assembly- cam position sensor

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