I just got an 06' ulysses buell, less than 40k mileage.

Initially I noticed that the RPM gauge works only when you twist the handle to the left. I cleaned out the ground wires under the headlamp. However issues persists.

Normally when riding through traffic, I Rev to create awareness so other drivers will notice I'm behind or trying to get pass them. However on this bike when I do this constantly I start getting weird feedbacks, on clear road. It feels like I have hit redline as the bike would not move. I have to turn off bike for about 30min to cool off before all is working fine. Then also I get red light blinking constantly and my speed drops. When I slow down and downshift.. The Red light stops.

Here is a video https://youtu.be/NSr7SbtIjV0

I do not have buelltooth to read codes. However I'm expecting one this week.