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Thread: Stall when stopping

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    Stall when stopping

    Hi all, new member but owned my 99 x1 for a long time. It’s more recently started a weird issue where it either stalls or sputters when stopping with a stronger force. Generally if I am not going too fast and let the engine slow it down things are fine. Where it acts up if I have to use brakes to slow down faster than that. It doesn’t seem to be a fuel supply issue as I can pull really hard on acceleration all the time, no issues there. Cornering also seems to be just fine as long as I am accelerating or mostly holding the same speed. If I slow in the middle, it sputters.

    Two main scenarios:
    Clutch out- hold higher or downshift into higher rpm. Jamb on the brakes for a second or two to drop 15-20 mph. Engine will sputter and back fire and mostly stay running because of the engine breaking.
    Clutch in- at some speed, jamb on brakes to drop 15-20 mph for a second or two. Engine will idle fine until about a second after releasing and it will just stall if I don’t throttle it or let the clutch out.

    Things I’ve checked/done:
    - Fuel tank full and fresh gas
    - Pump is working well
    - changed plugs from champion RA8HC/ HD 6R12 to NGK DCPR8E (yes, plugs were different, not me ��)
    - TPS reset with Bluetooth and EcmSpy
    - no DTC reporting
    - wires all look in good condition

    I need help. What else should I check?
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