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Thread: Resurrecting my dream bike

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    Resurrecting my dream bike

    Hello all,

    Yep another newbie.. honestly I've read through a bunch of threads and cannot find the specific info i'm lookin for. I Feel a little bad, i think i took advantage of a guy's situation with an angry wife, gutted house, and a 10 second car in the garage. i picked up an01 x1 for a steal. i was wavin a fistfull of cash at half of what the guy was askin... his wife was obviously tired of the haggling and him hawing around on his part... after a short private convo between them.. i landed myself the bike i had a picture of in my highschool locker all those years ago!!!! I love this bike... long story short.. sold it to my brother to shelter her from a nasty little divorce... shes been in storage for about 6 years. im finally getting my life back together and i'm trying to breath life into the beast basically i have a pretty crudded up fuel delivery system. pump is shot and the wire came off the low fuel switch.
    I'm pretty sure I repaired the switch wire however the pump is definitely shot. its got a dead winding. it wont run in the test bench with direct voltage. I've been doing some research. came across a youtube video that linked me to a complete rebuild kit.

    I know it's a little pricey but is anyone familiar with Aagaard Moto Products? The products are same manufacturer as the original and made in america.

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    Chaz at Aagard is super good and worth every stinking penny.

    Alternatively our own Barrett on here is well versed in Buell fuel pumps and stocks replacements and re-build kits. A fine option indeed.

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    Chaz is a good dude. Buy with confidence.

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