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Thread: The engine shuts off during the ride

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    The engine shuts off during the ride


    I have a Buell XB9SX 2008.
    In the last month, it has happened to me several times that the engine shuts off during the ride.
    It happened both at high speed and at low. Both at high and low rpm.
    After I stopped, pressing the starter, there is noise but the engine does not turn on.
    After switching off and switching on again, the engine starts immediately, and I continue driving without any problems.
    In ECM DROID application does not appear error (also not stored error).
    Where can there be a problem?

    Thank you

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    Sir: This scenario is becoming more frequent as these bikes continue to age. In all probability, it's an electrical gremlin causing an intermittent loss of power to 1 or more critical components. Performing the below simple maintenance procedures should resolve it. Avoid switching around fuses and relays to other circuits. That typically just moves the problem from one circuit to another.
    All your fuses and 3 relays located in main box under seat on all CityX models. Fuses are a few cents each...relays are $6 each at either H-D dealerships or local auto parts store. They cross-over to popular Chrysler and Ford A/C relays. Match yours up accordingly.

    1-Disconnect both battery cables. Thoroughly clean both battery terminals and cable ends. Momentarily touch both cable ends together...hold for 5 seconds...release...then reconnect to correct battery terminals.
    2-Spray Kano Kroil or similar cleaner/solvent/lubricant into ignition switch and work back and forth.
    3-"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""" kill switch assembly and work back and forth.
    4-Accessing fuse box....remove and discard the following fuses: KEY SWITCH-IGNITION-FUEL PUMP. Thoroughly clean the female sockets of each and replace with new fuses.
    5-If included in intermittent power loss is dead gauge/dash cluster....then replace KEY SWITCH RELAY first.
    6-If not, then simply replace IGNITION relay.

    Ride and see if problem resolved and report back. Helps other board members.

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