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Thread: 06 Ulysess xb12x Sputtering and Shooting when Hot

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    06 Ulysess xb12x Sputtering and Shooting when Hot

    This is going to be my second buell. I lost hope taking the buell into the Auto Store for fix as they make very poor decision and i mostly have to go back with problem worse or some new problem.

    I was initially having a weird red light blinking as described in my previous thread However i was able to mitigate this by re-soldering the joints inside the ECM, some soldered joints were broken and had partial contacts.

    Before this was done, I also noticed that once i ride for about an hour, the bike will run start running terribly. Constant shooting from the exhaust and it dies. After i let the bike cool off for about 1-2hour its fine again then i can continue my journey.

    Here are the list of things i have tried.

    1. I did a TPS reset, following the manual, During my search i found this thread and followed the guide there. However in my own case at 5.5 degree the RPM is around 1300 to 1800, when i try to adjust to 1000 t0 1050 rpm, The TPD will be around 3.4 degree.
    2. I saw a thread where someone has similar issue and he had to open his fuel cap. Because the fuel vent was clogged, i tried this and symptoms still persist, I also removed BAS just to be sure. I constantly checked ecmspy for error. I'm not getting any error.

    I don't know what else to check for.

    Someone also advised that i replace CAM sensor, TPS and ECM. but before throwing money on parts i would love to try other solutions. here is the video of the bike

    I don't know if this is well detailed enough. However I'm willing to provide more details.

    I'm running Race ECM, I don't know the brand of my exhaust but here is a video

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    I didn't look at the links, but that is a very common symptom of a failing CPS. Lots of threads on that as well.

    The ECM is potted (gel filled) theres no repair for it. Do you mean your dash? Either way if it has that many broken solder joints, buy a new one. There is zero physical difference between a ECM marked "race" and a stock one, Either buy your new ECM from with the correct program or transfer your fuel program into the new ECM before using it.

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    Open up your exhaust man, those baffles are horrible and will not let your bike run like it should. It's like if you tried to exhale trough a straw. Those are some homemade db killers get rid of them!

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    Here are 2 of the best solutions yet. No more "sputtering and shooting" and no relying on the "Auto Store" to fix your Buell (makes me cringe just thinking about it).

    another great solution here:

    or if you must...
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    You don't say anything about the condition of the ECM - they are subject to cracking at the connections, and all sorts of weirdness can happen.

    When I bought my '08, it had a gutted 'stock' exhaust, and an unknown tune. It was stupid loud, and backfired through the exhaust constantly on decel. I found an unmolested OEM can and installed it. The bike was much, much quieter, but surged badly at cruise. I then installed the 'Race' tune from ECMDroid, and the bike runs great.

    So, if the ECM looks okay, I'd suspect you have a tune in it the bike doesn't like.

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    Apologies for delayed response. While checking through other threads on Badweb most people confirmed that i need to change the CPS. I got one off eBay, it took a while to reach me... Missing item... Finally installed the CPS went for a ride. After 1hour ride the bike started sputtering again. This time I spray a coolant on the CPS.the bike ran fine for about 5min again. I once had to open up the ECM to resolder the crack joints.. however I fear if this would be the cause of my issue. Someone also suggested I do a intake seal test.. but i don't understand how intake seal will affect a bike only when it's hot. I mean...the bike runs smooth for a while before it start sputtering and firing. I spoke with Tim from idsp.. however I'm not able to afford get a new ECM at the moment. I'm currently looking to get an ECM parted out and send to idsp so they can tune.

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    On My 2006 Uly their is definitely a design issue with the placement of the ECM. Remove the seat Place a dot of white lithium grease on top of the ECM jump down on the seat like you hit a bump take the seat off and the grease will be flat as a pancake!

    I was able to salvage the ECM by picking out the silicon and re soldering all the Joints!.
    Under a microscope make sure the PCBA is not damaged or cracked as the load from the ECM connectors goes right into the board.
    Relocated the ECM

    Have you checked for a manifold leak and a fuel injector oring leak. THese are old bikes

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