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Thread: Rear wheel removal (help)

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    Rear wheel removal (help)

    Hello all,

    Rear wheel removal on a Ulysses XB12
    Is there a step by step thread here or video somewhere?

    Many thanks,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Baja View Post
    Hello all,

    Rear wheel removal on a Ulysses XB12
    Is there a step by step thread here or video somewhere?

    Many thanks,

    Let me make you a step by step thread:

    1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.
    2. Open up your browser.
    3. Type "" into the address bar.
    4. Click on "Go to Manuals" under Manuals.
    5. Click on XB-X (or any XB should work).
    6. Choose either "embedded viewer", "open external" or "download". Your choice, but I like "embedded viewer".
    7. Click on "embedded viewer" then choose "full screeen"
    8. In the table of contents, find "Chassis" (section 2) and scroll to it.
    9. In section 2, locate "rear wheel" and scroll down to the page indicated.
    10. BOOM! A step by step procedure with pictures and torque specs, written for Buell owners by the Buell Motorcycle company themselves!

    You're welcome!

    As an added bonus, these instructions cover everything from basic maintenance, suspension setup and even engine/transmission rebuilding. And you can download them to your computer/phone whatever to reference later even if you dont have an internet connection.

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    5/16" allen for the pinch bolt under the swingarm, Buell tool from the tool bag (or 3/4" hex) for the axle. Remove wheel. Done. I appreciate you asking, but the fact you don't know about this non-motorcycle-specific, ultra simple job, does worry me.

    So I'm afraid you don't know to use the instructions posted by 34;19 above to see that installation procedure and factory torque specs need to be followed closely or you will be on a desolate highway in Idaho after the total solar eclipse, waiting for a friend to travel to two different part stores 100 miles away from you and 100 miles apart to get you the parts you need to continue 1 foot. His name is Johnnie. The Sun will be going down. You will owe him dinner.

    But you saved $20 to have a real mechanic do it for you!


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    John: It's a very simple straight-forward procedure. Click link below for X tab for your model year...wheel

    Axle pinch bolt is on bottom right side of swingarm

    Removing caliper from left side of swingarm via 2 allen attachment bolts makes job much easier

    You will find 1 or more "paint dobs" on inside of wheel. They are wheel-to-tire alignment marks to offset weight differences. Manual describes them and how they are referenced to your new tire

    Highly recommend replacing both wheel bearings first time you do this. Establishes a baseline for you.

    Carefully check condition of inner wheel spacer. It is the long hollow tube you'll find inside the wheel. Must be pristine.

    ALWAYS install new wheel bearings rotor side first. Light coating of plain grease should be applied to the exterior surface of spacer tube.

    Improvising with common tools below works well if factory tool kit containing axle removal tool is missing.

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    Im planning to change my rear tires so I saw this video. A lot easier than the manual.

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    Following the tightening procedure for the axle bolt is very important! And do not go 'discount' with the bearings, especially if you have the two-bearing wheel.

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