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Thread: Pulsating front brake rotors

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    Pulsating front brake rotors

    Just swapped out to ebc Hh pads and some used oem rotors with 4.97 mm on it. Iím getting pulsating only when braking. I did notice that I didnít align the dot on the rotor to the valve stem. Does that matter? Could that have caused it. I did put it on a jack and spun it around. It is catching in one area. Tried to play around with loosening and tightening some of the bolts but it barely helped . Hopefully the rotor isnít warped. Any ideas

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    Can you measure the runout (wobble) of the rotor? You can use something like a wire coat hanger ziptied to the fork tube, and bent to where the end just touches the rotor. Spin the wheel and see if you have any wobble.

    Also, make sure the rotor is clean - use brake cleaner (protect the paint) and a stainless steel (or brass) wool and give it a good scrub.

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    EBC HH pads are some of the finest street-riding pads in the world. Caveat is that, in conjunction with the ridiculously huge XB rotor, the combo is prone to brake lever pulsing and wheel shake under moderate to hard braking.
    Dot only matters for balancing purposes
    DO what Steve suggested and thoroughly clean and scrub the rotor and all mounting hardware then check for lateral run-out using his method
    Check condition of rotor mounting bushings. They are the oblong shaped things that the rotor mounting bolts go thru and sit in the rotor mounting slots. If bent or worn, must be replaced.
    Check flatness of rotor on suitable surface. Warped is biggest cause of pulsing.
    Check wheel bearings with wheel wiggle test. Worn bearings will induce pulsing.

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    Iíll try those tips. Thanks guys

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