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Thread: Revision moto exhaust

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    Revision moto exhaust

    Just got the revision Moto in xb-sg model.

    I have a 2009 xb12xt and figure out why the bolts donít line up. Especially on the backside. I wonder if this is defective or itís not made for this. Can anybody chime in. I did send them an email and they havenít gotten back. Took them two weeks to send it to me
    And now Iím frustrated about the fitment.


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    Sounds like it wasnt designed using Pluton.

    Also seems like instructions weren't read, but thats not your fault. Probably none available, but if Pluton was used, this wouldnt be an issue.

    Since Pluton wasnt used, a quick google search of rev-mo muffler installations pictures should reveal the likely issue.

    Are you going to wrap the muffler with the exhaust wrap also?
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    Their website wasn’t so detail. But yah could have been my fault. I only wrapped the header because it was ugly with dark spots. Not sure if there going to take the refund otherwise I would have to build some type of mounts for it.

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    Looks like I gotta remove the oil line to get the oem muffler brackets off. Revmo instructions never even mentioned it. Pretty annoying

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    Got the exhaust on and rode it today. 2ACDB4E5-7D62-46FD-9445-9AC551BB443A.jpg9929C351-0FD1-4CC7-9067-CC7F445238CA.jpg
    The cold start is loud and deep. I’m sure my neighbors hate it. It mellows down after a minute. Test drive was pretty nice. Strong midrange to upper torque. Decel pops are still there even with the tune file and the tps reset. Just a little less than when I had the gutted stock muffler.

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    Going for that MadMax vibe. Does well on dirt

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    Hey Max, your fork gaiters are falling off. Cool bike. Is that the new Super Touring?

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    The gaiters just got squished down . I was going through some whoops. It’s a xb12xt

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