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Thread: Very Sad-R.I.P Sportster XL-XR production

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    Very Sad-R.I.P Sportster XL-XR production

    Though retired, I still have several friends and family members employed by Harley Davidson...most at the York Production plant. Got a call from my oldest niece a bit ago confirming what I suspected for months now. H-D has forever ended Sporster XL-XR production, in its traditional air-cooled pushrod form. The name, I suspect, will live on. Hell of a continuous model run from 1957 to 2022 inclusive. One of the most venerated and recognizable names in motorcycling history. Us old guys adore them, particularly the XR750 which is the winning-est factory race bike in history, along with its street-legal XR1000 and XR1200 versions. Sad day, indeed.
    Niece on far right at 0:27 mark with black hair in bun, glasses, black t-shirt, gray sweats.

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