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Thread: Can't remove transmission main shaft nut

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    Pkat, you may be able to take the bike to any shop, and they may be able to blast that nut off in a quick second. If you were in Phoenix, I'd just pop by with my electric impact and make quick work of it. If it was me, and I didnt have my impact, I'd pull the motor for shizz and gigs, and bring it by a shop and ask one of the techs to hit it with their impact. Auto shop, motorcycle shop, whatever.... If you notice a rusty silver El Camino out front, look for a mechanic named CoOter. He will be easy to spot, as he's the one not working, and generally bothering everyone else. You can easily bribe him to do it for a six pack. But be warned, like a stray cat, once you feed him, he'll never leave.

    However, the value of these bikes really doesnt merit much money put into them, especially if you dont have parts on hand. If you do decide to part it out be sure to pull the head, exhaust and belt. The belt is not available anymore and there are a lot of Blasts out there that have been converted to paperweights until someone sells a used belt or figures out a replacement.
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