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Thread: Mad Max meets Meth Buell......!?

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    Mad Max meets Meth Buell......!?

    I was scanning thru our local online Auction site for Buell related stuff....when Fk mE sideways! this appeared in front of me.....
    Mad Meth Max Buell..jpgMMMB.jpgMMMB3.jpg

    I'm worried the crazy is spreading.

    I almost like the look.....but doubt I could bring myself to ride it. I feel ill. Just a lil vomit in my mouth.

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    Man, if the meth Buell only looked like that when I bought it.

    My bike looked like someone saw this bike, and tried to duplicate it with zero skills, zero money and bunch of time with a dremel. I'd never do this, but this looks like someone kind of knew what they were doing. But some people drink their own bath water too, so there is that.
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    If the tail weren't so bobbed off, I actually kinda like the design. The riveted panels do look appropriately post apocalyptic

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