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Thread: 06 uly random misfire and goes into warmup mode

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    06 uly random misfire and goes into warmup mode

    2006 uly, 13k. Drummer exhaust. Crankcase breather mod (stopped fouling plugs), all extra grounds added (fixed some electrical issues with tps voltages spiking). Now I am left with a CLT that every now and again, happens more often the longer I run, drops 5 degrees C suddenly, then the bike misfires suddenly, and then bike goes into warmup mode. It seems to start happening about 30 to 45 minutes into my ride, then as time goes on, happens more and more often. Not speed or rpm dependent. happens while cruising and accelerating. I am attaching to pictures, 1 is from 1 frame before the hiccup, and the other will be at the hiccup. I am open to suggestions. i can email the log file if someone want to look at that.
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