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Thread: 09 1125CR with a few mods

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    Next up was the wiring, the most tedious part of the conversion. Everything had to be relocated, since the tail could not be used to house anything anymore. I had to shorten almost every single wire in the wiring harness. The relay and fuse boxes now live inside the airbox, one on each side. I cleaned up the factory wiring quite a bit since there was ample amount of wiring for everything just running everywhere. The ECU now lives inside the left XB scoop and gets cooled properly.


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    The radiator hoses turned out to be a fairly easy setup, once I figured out how to route them. I ended up using about 4ft of stainless spring inside all hoses, to prevent possible future kinks since the blue silicone hose is easy to kink. Insulated the inside of the frame with 7mm neoprene with aluminum shielding. Best part of the cooling system- the larger black hose on the RH side of the engine, first picture. This hose actually came off the bike and was used somewhere else entirely- on the stock front radiators setup. It fit absolutely perfect in this location, like it was made to be there. I even found the factory replacement heat shrink hose clamp on eBay and made it look like it is a stock setup. It's nice to win something once in a while

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    Since I definitely had no space for the battery anywhere on the bike, I had to get creative. Bought a used damaged swingarm, cut it in half just to see what I'm working with and installed the battery inside my swingarm. The thicker of the two plates on the battery tray serves as a structural part of the swingarm, I made it fit the hole super tight. The larger/thinner plate is there just to seal the swingarm. I left 1ft of wire inside the swingarm, to made a battery replacement a breeze. Hopefully this brand new Shorai will be in there for a long time worry-free. I do have a trickle charger plug under the passenger seat in case I need to put extra juice in the battery, so far have not used it- charging system sees 14.3V while riding with the huge voltage regulator.

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    Battery access cover painted and coolant overflow tank (hand sanitizer container) installed. These are the last pictures I have taken. Will post more once I have some spare time.


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    Nice work I appreciate the time an effort like that takes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvc View Post
    Nice work I appreciate the time an effort like that takes.
    Thank you!

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    Finally had time to wash this dirty bike, cut some reflective vinyl stickers for it. Next up is tuning.


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