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Thread: 2006 Buell XB12SGC $4500

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    2006 Buell XB12SGC $4500

    2006 Buell XB12Scg (the infamous "methbuell")

    If you dont know this story, I'll give you the short version. This Buell was formerly owned by a person (not the guy I bought it from) who was likely a crackhead. It went through a few hands until I finally got it.

    The motor was shot, someone hacked the wire harness and removed the cluster, gauge modules, etc to make it more like a cafe bike. It also had been down a couple of times, but luckily it one hit the frame lightly on the RH side, which is now covered by a set of OE pucks. After all I went through to get this together, I probably should have parted it out.

    Anyhow, here's the deets:

    2007 motor with 14K miles on it.
    Gauge modules, tail/seat pieces, tail light housing (chopped), primary case, brake and clutch levers, and driver pegs (Knight design) powdercoated black.
    Renthal Ultra Low bar
    Gauge cluster 29K miles (from an XB12R)
    Forks rebuilt
    2010 RH "medium" scoop (rare!)
    New textured seat
    ASB catch can
    Hidden rear caliper mod
    Rebuilt front caliper (ZTL1)
    Tires with very low miles on them (shut up CoOter)
    New lockset w/keys and code tag
    35T primary sprocket with new tensioner
    Drummer muffler (like new) w db killer
    LED headlight (from Amazon)
    New fuel pump
    New O2 sensor
    Cleaned fuel injectors from AMF
    Kawasaki Versys controls
    AZ title clean and in my name

    Available to meet halfway for delivery if within a few hundred miles of Phoenix, AZ... or at Chuckwalla raceway.

    includes a box of broken stock turn signals. PM me for directions to CoOters place and we can throw them at his front door.

    Pics to come.
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    No BS, I would rather have this bike, than any one off of CL. It's been tested and gone through completely by a good mechanic. Win!

    He throws like a girl though, I ain't skeered!

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    Nice work by a Master Bueller to keep another Buell on the road!

    As a tribute...

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