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Thread: Fuel map from Rev-Mo vs IDS

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    I use a tune that came with a Drummer on a Deans muffler also. The bike seems to run better using the Drummer vs the Deans and I suspect its a bit rich on top. Wont hit the rev limiter with the Deans but will with the Drummer. Headers are Forcewinder.

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    Differential girdle springs! Drawn reciprocation dingle arm!

    I've got an old trusty laptop that I use for all of my datalogging purposes. For the Buells, I've got an old USB interface cable that has a Deutsch connector for mating with the DDFI-3 ECM and has worked reliably for over a decade, so have not ventured out to replace it with anything else. I tend to avoid wireless communications for datalogging as it's prone to dropping data packets. The cabling mess that I mentioned is usually associated with the wideband O2 sensors I'll have wired up, but it's not too bad.

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