Just wanted to post here in case anyone is looking for an OEM sidestand flange bolt. After getting the proper part# for the flange bolt from Forum member Barrett, and my local HD dealer telling me it's obsolete, I found that St.Paul HD has them in stock. (Part#CA0015.02A8 B1H) Unfortunately they are $7.23 each! But a small price to pay to have your bike standing upright on its own, right? What is special about these bolts is not just that they are the proper 5/16"x 1-1/4" bolt, but they have the larger 13/16" flange head that I could not find anywhere in a 5/16" generic; only an 11/16" flange. You'd have to size up to a 3/8" bolt to find the larger 13/16" flange. It may seem trivial I know, but the sidestand mounting bracket has a recess in it for the 13/16" flange, and the 13/16" flange should be used so that there's no slop. If your case threads are booger'd up or stripped, then the recommended fix is tapping out your case for the 3/8" bolt upgrade. Use a grade 8, and you'll be golden.