My pleasure Warren and yes...Lancaster County. Use the provided link and download the factory service manual. Virtually impossible for novice owner to perform proper and correct service/repairs on these XB's without it.

1-Rear axle pinch bolt hidden in cavity near bottom of swingarm right side spar. Check again to be sure it is NOT installed.
2-Use link below. Commence your read page 1 where Bob "The Wood" addresses stuck rear axle. Short read and note the pic I posted of home-grown axle tool. Fits front and rear. You'll need it.
3-FRONT axle left-hand threads....REAR axle right-hand threads. Purchase Kano Kroil or Aero Kroil finest penetrant readily available and liberally and repeatedly soak both axle ends at least 24 hours. Then the axle will loosen and unwind.