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Thread: Bike left me with a 1.2 mile walk home...Still scratching my head...

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    This is a good idea
    I have a bunch of the mini fuses, I just need to get the relay
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    My pleasure. Tiny dedicated waterproof type container easily stowed under all S and X models. R a bit more challenging.
    Good idea to include a tweezers or similar mini blade fuse removal device.

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    Glad my R has an S Tail.

    I have a full kit I carry with me when I go 4wheeling as I once blew a fuse that controlled the connection from the Truck Brake pedal to the Trailer wiring harness brakes.
    I had to use the manual override brake button

    Not fun having 6000 lbs following you and pushing when attempting to stop

    I'll just steal some of those and grab the above relay.

    May 7 I will be at the Winterthur Steeplechase with the wife. So Mark June 4 down. I will make it to Ephrata.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Both, the yellow starter switch and the red kill switch come in one complete unit on the right handlebar. Glad you got it running? but I'm so confused.
    The 1st time I tested the switch, the IGN fuse was blown. It was the smallest "blown" portion of a fuse I've ever seen...I missed it 3 or 4 times when checking it. Once the fuse was replaced, the kill switch would cycle the fuel pump and the check engine light, but the starter switch would not turn the the starter over. Swapped the switch again and all was good in the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barrett View Post
    Lesson learned: ALWAYS carry a tiny sealed plastic bag somewhere under the seat that contains:
    Pen sized flashlight
    Spare relay(all 3 of yours the same---see my comment above)
    An assortment of mini blade fuses.
    I also carry a little baggie of fuses, but need to add in the relays...good call!

    Quote Originally Posted by c3powil View Post
    ^ That's great advice. I need to add an LED flashlight to mine.

    My starter switch stopped working out of the blue, as well. I took it apart and cleaned the corrosion and all has been well since. It gave me no warning signs whatsoever and wouldn't work no matter how hard I pushed the starter or smacked the unit until I took it apart and cleaned the contact points.
    Mine was also pretty corroded, but already had bought the replacement last year. Warning signs I had....hard push of the starter switch to get it to turn over, sometimes needed a slight sideways push in order to get it to turn over.

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