I looked at what I received from the mechanic (who is a former Buell tech) after I asked them to do my last valve adjustment and replace the clutch cover with the 2010 model. The old (2009) clutch cover has the water pump shaft and everything still installed on it, so I'm assuming everything I ordered for the 2010 "upgrade" went in.

This is what I ordered for that:
R0022A.3AM clutch cover assembly (2010) $219.49 Newcastle
Q0428.3AM waterpump shaft assembly (2010) $157.36 Newcastle
CB0028.1AM thrust washer (2010) $2.73 Newcastle
Q0430.3AM oil seal (2010) $8.08 Newcastle
Q0431.3AM rotary seal (2010) $26.41 Newcastle
R0001.1AM clutch cover gasket (2010) $17.28 Newcastle
Q0426.1AM water pump gasket (2010) $4.06 Newcastle
CJ0001.1AM sealing ring $1.25 Newcastle

I just rode the Buell into work this morning and took it easy - I don't think I exceeded about 6000 RPM and was basically just cruising in. The ride is about 16 miles with some twisties thrown in... I do not see any seepage at all after that ride. So that's good. I guess I'll just do a few more tame rides and see how it's doing because I'd really love to take this up into the mountains at the end of the month. Perhaps it is just a high RPM, aggressive riding thing, but I think I need to put some more time on it to determine that.