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Thread: stock crank with 1275 kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamMechanic View Post
    Buy a used EBR and still be in the Buell family.
    Coming from Japanese / Euro bike world I've always heard Harley guys talk about "Screamin' Eagle" this or that, all the power they're making, the "big builds" they've done, etc. I just assumed they were making massive gains. Now that I"m a bit deeper in Buell / Harley world a bit I'm surprised at how much it costs for so little gain. Basically a Buell is a "maxxed out" Evo. Exhaust, tune, that's about it. No reason to look at anything else because the returns diminish so quickly. And if you're a Sportster guy used Buell parts are far and away the best value for the dollar. Now I understand why Buells were vultured off by Harley guys looking for hop ups. It makes it easy to enjoy my Ulys as-is, knowing that engine is at the peak of it's cost-effective maximum output.

    And as much as I like Buells (started with an S1 in the late 90's, then an S3T in the mid 2ks, recently picked up several XBs), my interest in the brand drops off dramatically post XB. The Rotax powered bikes do basically nothing for me. I'd look for a Ducati, Aprilia or KTM before I'd be interested in a Rotex Buell. Which is a bit ironic because that's when Erik finally started to build the bike he wanted to build from the start. The air cooled bikes just have a "soul" for me.

    Which, BTW, may be exactly why HD guys throw so much money at so little power!

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    Basically a Buell is a "maxxed out" Evo. Exhaust, tune, that's about it.

    Horribly wrong and completely nonsensical. An XR1200 engine is generally considered to be that in production architecture and appearance. Buell XB engines share very little with production XL engines. Danny and I have stayed in contact since I retired from Harley Davidson. Please watch this and learn XB basics.

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