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Thread: New Oil Does not trigger Error 13

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    New Oil Does not trigger Error 13

    I've been experiencing a persistent issue with my bike, and it's been quite a journey trying to diagnose and fix it. The main problem arises when I ride for around 30 minutes – the bike starts stuttering terribly, but there are no error codes indicating the source of the problem. Determined to resolve this issue, I embarked on a series of troubleshooting steps.

    First, I replaced the CPS sensor, TB seals, O2 Bosch sensor, K&N filters, fuel pumps, spark plugs, Battery, and Rectifier. I even added an additional ground wire from the T-lug under the airbox to the battery. Despite all these efforts, the problem persisted.

    Eventually, I decided to purchase another ECM (Engine Control Module), and to my relief, the bike seemed to work fine. However, I noticed that during hot weather, a new issue would arise – the check engine light would start blinking, and my bike would refuse to go beyond 70 mph. In the 1st gear, the RPM would not go above 3000 RPM, but as soon as I changed gears, the RPM would increase normally. Only in the 5th gear could I reach speeds of 100 km/h.

    To complicate matters further, I have an aftermarket exhaust, so the interactive exhaust feature does not work as intended. Troubleshooting this issue led me to use ECMdroid, where I discovered an error code 13. I found this puzzling since I had recently replaced the O2 sensor, which should have resolved any related issues.

    Earlier this month, I performed an oil change, and the bike ran smoothly without any error codes. I even took it on a 100 km ride and encountered no problems, even in traffic. However, this morning, after riding for about an hour, the bike once again started blinking the check engine light, and I couldn't exceed 70 mph. Upon checking the error codes, I found error code 13 again.

    Now, I'm truly perplexed. It appears that this issue arises specifically when I haven't changed the oil. Interestingly, when I use fresh oil, the problem seems to be alleviated. However, it's worth noting that the previous oil had only been used for a mere 1000 kilometers, which makes the situation even more puzzling.

    I use Mobil 1 20w50 Oil

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or insights you may have regarding this perplexing situation.
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