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Thread: Do i have use for this Ignition coil and Ecm on my bike?

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    Do i have use for this Ignition coil and Ecm on my bike?

    I got an opportunity to buy a Ignition coil, ecm and all the wires from a scrapped XB9R -03.
    I have a XB12ss -08
    Nothing is wrong but maby i need them later

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    The ECM is different and will not work at all. The coil and wires should transfer over, but why would you reuse a set of ignition wires?

    So, you have an extra coil. Hopefully you tested it to make sure its still in spec.

    PRO TIP: If it tests OK, be sure to put a large "X" on it so you don't mix it up with a suspected bad coil.

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    I just thought it be good to have, just in case 😊

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    And don't turn the ignition on when testing that coil with the X on it. That same idiot shocked the Hell out of himself!

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