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Thread: XB Front Engine Mount-Let's wrap this up

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    XB Front Engine Mount-Let's wrap this up

    Buell XB Front Isolator Engine Mount Kit--OEM part # is--- L1501.02A8

    Spoke with Harley Davidson Corporate earlier this morning regarding this specific part # and actual facts:
    The part number as of 5-25-2023 is now listed as OBSOLETE
    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """" PERMANENTLY OUT OF STOCK
    The part number will not be purged from the system but will be listed as NLA within 30 days.
    The complete part number components are NOT reproduced...Permission will NOT be given to any outside source to reproduce same...The Company has no plans to have the parts manufactured again.

    During conversation I requested an "in-house" search of the specific part number thru warehousing. Total of SIX full kits still remaining in warehousing so bought all SIX. Approx delivery date first week of next month...perhaps a few days earlier. Dealer cost very reasonable and competitive considering the demand and zero availability.

    This front engine isolator mount has a respectable life-span if the bike is sensibly ridden. If the front wheel is repeatedly lofted and abruptly pounded back down onto the ground, the Isolator life-span significantly decreased

    Contact me for pricing and shipping info if you'd like to reserve one.

    xb front mount stock.jpg

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    Thanks Barrett, we can always count on you to set the record straight.

    How did you get to be so smart AND handsome?

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    As of today, St Paul Harley still lists them as available in-stock for $290 on Unless you buy those too? Pretty expensive for a part that used to be $90 but it is what it is.

    Since you bought them all, will you charge the same? I'll help you out and spread the word so people know where to search, because the dealers nationwide won't know where they all went.

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