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Thread: Former Race Buells hiding under tarps?

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    "Recovered" is not how I'd describe myself right now. After a ****ty night at a Days Inn in Nashville, I decided I was done with hotels and wanted to be home RIGHT MEOW so I did an 8AM to 5AM marathon 1200mi drive to finish the trip. I've now had about 2 hours sleep since, my shoulder is pissed, my hips and right leg are pissed, and I'm stupid tired. But, I used my own shower, have my own bed... and mostly have work calmed down again. (Of COURSE I'd have an issue crop up right before I went out for Practice Sunday morning, ignored it till after the race, then spent 2hrs in my trailer which was 108F inside doing remote network diag and rebuild over a cellphone/vid conference... THEN celebrated and enjoyed the rest of the event.)

    Literally damn near bone stock XB12XT (still on original suspension fluid and seals, eeek!) and she did well. If anything I think it was slightly oversprung for the track, but never felt sketchy out there. I never felt the Dunlops talking to me, tires say I was getting good lean angle out of them, rear shows I was starting to trust edge grip under throttle in the race, but I never pushed enough to make them move. Pirellis would have been egging me on with some comfort noise in the bars and pegs, the 'lops just stuck so I was constantly trying to push more and more waiting for something to happen. My top speed of 131mph pales in comparison to the 158 Jeremy buzzed out on the FTR but was in the hunt compared to the other air cooled machines. Primary limiting factor on the bike was the nut behind the bars.

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    Love that report! Very much looking forward to the next one!

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