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Thread: XB-Fan blowing 10 amp fuse/ 2008 Ulysess

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    XB-Fan blowing 10 amp fuse/ 2008 Ulysess

    Blew the fuse twice. I had taped over the air scoops for the winter, thus I thought I may have damaged the fan. Pulled out the Monoshock . Pulled out the Fan.
    Destroyed the Amp Plug trying to get the pins out. With Jumper wires the fan runs great.
    Next step put it all back together and try a 15 or 20 amp fuse. Seems I have read that the ECM makes a ground circuit to turn the fan on.
    I found no place or way to lubricate the electric fan motor.

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    I would recommend checking the wiring harness for damage or short. Not a good idea to increase fuse size. You have a problem and need to figure it out and fix it.
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