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Thread: 2001 Blast Post Maintenance Issues

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    Question 2001 Blast Post Maintenance Issues

    Hello everyone.
    I have owned a Buell Blast 2001 for about a year and finally did my 1st fluid change and clutch adjustment. I changed the motor oil (10W40), oil filter (KN-177), transmission fluid(20W50), and did a clutch adjustment as explained in the maintenance manual.

    I was quite pleased with myself after having re-assemble the bike with no “spare parts”, but it is now harder to start than before and the motor dies if I leave it running in neutral at a low idle speed.
    If I get it started, it runs ok when I am riding it, but I have not had it past the 2nd gear and I would like to resolve any issues before hitting the road again.

    I am confident that I have not overfilled the motor oil, but I am less sure about the transmission fluid, and I could definitively have messed up the clutch adjustment...
    I have noticed that even when I fully depress the clutch, the bikes still do not role as easily if it is in neutral, but I am not sure if this was also the case before.

    I want to get back to riding as soon as possible, so any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.

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    What do you mean by "clutch adjustment"?

    Cable? Ramp arm? Primary chain?

    It's normal when off to roll a little harder in gear with the lever in, especially cold, but shouldn't creep forward in gear, engine running, lever in.

    Does the clutch lever engage at the same place it used too? Any extra noises? If you did adjust the chain tension, what spec? check it again.

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