So, I do have one minor update: Still chasing a set of XBRR magnesium wheels. I've found one set that need repair at both ends, the one repair shop that used to specialize in dealing with them is... randomly radio silent, so frustrating. Another set just popped up, but the pics I'm getting are old, from YE OLDE digital cameras or very old phones so I can't actually make out the markings to confirm they're XBRR units, so I don't dare make an offer on them yet either.

I've pinged the few American forged aluminum wheel MFGs as a long shot, one has no interest, the other has abandoned making 17in wheels in favor of sticking to more common big twin sizes... meh. I got one reply from a Chinese vendor, then radio silence after noting I just would want the one set to start. :P I'm pretty certain the rears made by most of the big names are pretty easily adaptable to the XB, and could hit the weights of the XBRR wheels. I bet I could adapt a BST carbon rear come to think of it... It's the front that's a PITA, though shouldn't be that hard for any of the CNC cut ones to be adapted but no one wants to do it for one offs. Plan Q would be welding rotor mounts on an already produced wheel... I don't know my material science well enough to know if that's safely doable or not.

So, the hunt continues.