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Thread: The engine does not start the first time

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    Lightbulb The engine does not start the first time

    Hi all! My namw's Anton. I recently bought my first BUELL, model XB12X Ulysses a 2007 with only 13,000 km on it. When I bought it, the seller said that it always started like that (watch the video ). The bike was serviced by a Harley Davidson dealer in Madrid and I understand that they considered this to be the norm. I replaced the battery on the NOCO Lithium NLP14 , but nothing changed. Has anyone encountered such a problem? This is fine? It starts the first time only if you drive it and don't let it cool down.
    and immediately the second question - what is the normal idle speed for it?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Anton: I have listed the information you requested below. Regards, Barrett

    1-Your 2007 XB12X Ulysses might see a small improvement in overall performance and operating parameters with a simple TPS reset. Your dealer should have the software to perform same as the onboard ECM must be accessed thru the diagnostics plug to perform same.

    2-A proper Buell XB battery should have a minimum of 200 Cold Cranking Amps of power. Your NOCO battery could be substantially less than that. Check both cable ends of the positive and negative battery cables for cleanliness and tightness...particularly the negative cable. All 4 ends must be clean and tight to ensure good current flow.

    3-You are experiencing what I call "compression bump" which is cause by insufficient amperage flow thru the starter system during crank-to-start process. The battery and starter motor are struggling to swing the crankshaft fast enough to spin the engine over and get one of the pistons past Top Dead Center on its compression stroke. This is called compression bump. Fairly common with all Buell and Sportster air-cooled twins. Your "compression bump" situation is NOT what I would consider normal. It is more pronounced than what is considered acceptable and normal.

    4-Check the cleanliness and tightness of the POSITIVE BATTERY CABLE where it attaches to the starter motor solenoid post.

    5-Correct warm engine idle speed on the 2007 XB model is approximately 1050RPM though I prefer 950RPM for slightly smoother first gear engagement from stopped position.

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    No, none of my Buells starts like a car... It will start to turn and then stop, then it will turn and catch, in other words start. I have learned to deal with it. Both of my xb 12's do it. One with a lithium battery and one with a common wet cell. The v twin is just that way.

    Just make sure the battery is charged and you'll be good.

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