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Thread: Ulysses quirks

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    Quote Originally Posted by emdash
    So I'm in the hunt for that perfect scoop and quieter fan...
    rh airscoop :D

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    Thank's LeFox. Interested in the Scoop. Cost details, shipped to New Zealand?

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    hi lefox the devilstar site wont allow me to regester why i dont know anyhow I want a right side scoop in carbon for me ully to the uk HOW much?

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    try the airflow kit that came standard on the 2007 onwards model. it directs heat away from the inside of your thigh. mine nearly burned off early on. ~£20 from a dealer, and problem sorted for hot air :)

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    16 has a "rider comfort kit" that might be of interest to you. I do not have it, and I do not know if it fits anything other than the XP model as stated. Check it out:

    Also, several other forums have pictures of mods people have done for the heat issue. I put a little foil tape in a few select spots on mine and it really reduced the heat. Nothing that I feel would compromise the cooling ability, and it certainly did not eliminate the problem.

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    Special OPS has a heat blanket that covers the area between the frame and air box on the right side. It takes care of the problem nearly completely.


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