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Thread: Ulysses quirks

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    Can't stand the heat, get the hell outta the kitchen. lol j/k guys :p

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    er thanks for the advice BuellPartsGuy....
    Anyway I found a way to shut that fan up when turning off the motor.
    Use the kill switch in the usual way to stop the motor. At this point the freakin fan kicks in. Then to actually stop the fan just put the kill switch back into run mode. The fan instantly turns off.
    You will find that if you take the key out of the ignition or if you use the kill switch again the fan will come on again.
    If the engine has only had a short run and hasn't really warmed up then the fan doesnt take long to stay off when you come to take the key out of the ignition.

    Ah I hear some of you say; that doesnt sound good for the engine, but just today I have discussed the possible downside of doing this with the service manager at the Harley/ Buell franchise where I purchased the Buell and he thinks the bike will be just fine and to do this manouvre if I want to. ( No matter, there is 2 yrs warranty on the bike and he has given his blessing so there you have it.) The only downside I can see is that the low beam light/dash board ignition lights are on with the above manouvre so its kind of weird to leave the bike with the key in the ignition for a few minutes to let the thing cool down naturally. But at least here is an alternative to listening to that *#%*#*@ thing of a fan

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    the fact that buells annoy some people in yet another way is just one more reason why i want one!

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    I think the fan cutting in when the bike is shut off is pretty cool (see what I did there? :) ). I dont see how the dealer says its good not to have it run. Why would Buell have put it there in the first place if it didnt do some good? There is no way a bike co. would go thru the expense and trouble of putting it there for no reason, also doing all that **** with the switch and leaving the key in the ignition seems like a lot of trouble. Why not put in a switch or remove the fan?

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    Gidday from Victoria Australia! The might be noisey but at least you know it's looking after that hidden cylinder. The heat blowing out from under the seat to your right leg is uncomfortable after a long trip not to mention all heat blowing over the brake fluid resevoir. However has anyone thought of reversing the power supply & hence the rotation of the fan so it draws cooling air from that underside of the seat? (just a thought it might work)regards Spike!

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    I think the problem with reversing it is the pressure of the air blowing thru it at speed will be fighting against the rotation of the blade. Even if the fan motor was strong enough to still push air out of the front it would be counter acted by the air being forced in from the front when you are moving. Most people say a right side scoop cuts the temps down by alot so you could always try one if you dont mind the price. I cant believe the cost of a damn scoop.

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    noisy engine
    I own a 2006 uly and its awesome. only road use for me so i fitted nice sticky Pirelli Corsa Diablos. great lateral stability and handling between 150-190km/h through any twisties.

    My problem is the bike engine is so noisy. there are a lot of clattering and rattling noises when the bike has warmed up. As i am used to quiet Japanese bikes this sounds as if the bike is going to break any minute. Is that normal? I have done 7000km now.

    Any comments please.

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    Sounds normal to me. HD motors will always make lifter noise and primary chain noise. Just follow the recommendations for adjustments and you'll be fine.

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    When people ask WTF when the fan kicks in, I tell them "it's a hand warmer" and put my hands down there. You would be amazed at how many people believe it :D Especially the ladies ;)

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    RH Scoop sounds like the way to go to reduce the use of the fan and also reduce the hot inner leg. I have been toying with the idea to strap a fridge to the inside rear cylinder but can't seem to get the fekker in there... So I'm in the hunt for that perfect scoop and quieter fan...

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