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Thread: Update Buell day at Skips

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    Ok, guys... Starting to narrow it down as far as a date goes. We are more likely to get the big wigs from Buell If we have it when they are near by. Soooo, I've decided to have it on Saturday, October 24th. So that gives us all alot of time to plan our schedules. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell that annoying guy down the street with the GSXR. Come one, Come all. Lets invite everyone who rubber necks you on the freeway wondering what you're riding. I want to shove Buell down the throat of the general public and let them know that the sport bike world is about to get a wake up call. Listen for our adds on the radio.

    Take The Buell By The Horns Day
    Saturday, October 24th
    Skip Fordyce Buell and Harley-Davidson
    7688 Indiana Ave.
    Riverside, CA. 92504

    Mike Miller
    Buell Specialist
    (951)-785-0100 ex226

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    Any input on activities, food, bands, or rides please let me know.

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    Just suggestions: Door prizes & free stuff, Demo rides, and Pulled BBQ Pork sandwiches (get so sick of hamburgers). Good luck with everything and hope all goes well. - Wish I could be there.

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    i will be there

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    2187.78 miles from my doorstep ill try my best to make it:D

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