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Thread: 03 low idle rough running

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    Try resetting your TPS again, but before you do it, turn the idle screw out WAY farther than 0.0. When you hit 0.0, turn it some more, then some more. Then make sure your throttle is forward completely, then reset the TPS. Now start screwing the idle screw back in (might take awhile) until you get to 4.6-5.0. Fire it up and adjust the idle.

    I had a similar issue but this took care of it. Good luck.:)

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    thanks 03firebolt9r i tried that but as soon as i try to move the idle up the bike stalls out. I am wondering if my timing is off. its better at speed but every once and a while it will start bucking and surging.

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    wow i cant believe they wouldnt split a pack of 4. im guessing there is a very large percentage of cars on the road that are 6 cylinders.

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