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Thread: For those with a hiccup/stutter at cruising...

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    this sounds like the
    problem i am having. the bike runs great at 3000+rpm, but between 2500 and 3000 it stutters. really pisses a guy off. this ecm tuning is like speaking greek to me, so i am hoping that st. paul harley has someone there that knows their banana's about this ****.

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    This may be on the same subject of mapping, but definitely not a constant issue I've had, and not at cruise: I have an occasionally present hiccup when the bike is cold, under acceleration only. It doesn't happen once warmed up, and it doesn't happen all the time (I'd guess about 50% of the time). When I start to roll on and gain speed, there will be a momentary pause, like it completely kills out, then everything comes back to life and is fine again. It's a brief amount of time, maybe a half-second cut out, but definitely enough to notice. Anyone else have this issue or, if it has been discussed before, a link to the thread?

    04 XB12S

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    Just had to throw another hand up for this problem... Mine does fine at 3,000+ too... But from 2,000-3,000 it has this same stutter this thread is all about... I don't know a lot about ecm tuning, I'm more of a mechanical person myself... =/ guess I'll just deal with it...

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    This sounds great, think I'll try it.
    Gbalias, any chance you could email me those maps?

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    2010 XB12XT 6,000 miles all stock, Same issue, 2,000 RPM skip/stutter/flat spot, will not cruise. Accelerates wonderfully but will bot cruise .... please anyone, steer me /us toward a solution..

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    Thanks again gbalias! I know this is an old post, but it helped me greatly with sputtering at idle and cruising...

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    I also have a similar issue at about 3100 rpm steady cruising.06 xb12x stock except for the 07 air cleaner cover.

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