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    hello BPG I am looking for the part numbers to the front lightbar, mounting hardware and switch on the xb12xp that make the blue and red flashing lights work. I thought they might work as an xtra headlight mount as they are built for the Uly. my own dealer does not have the info that I need.

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    If they are a Buell dealer, I know for a fact they have the info. Its in the 2009 XB Parts book. They are just being lazy and uninformed.....

    Here's a list

    bolt - 3225 x 4

    washer - 6029 x 4

    locknut - 60031-61 x 4

    screw - AA0408.1CZB X 1

    P-clip - CM0006.1AU X 1

    Mount - Y1012.1AU X 1

    Spacer - Y1014.1AU X 1

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    Thanks BPG I will get on there case promptly and try not to bother you too much again. you are a great help.

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