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Thread: What's the age of the typical Buell owner?

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    I'm 40 and ride an 08 XB12S...started with dirt bikes at about 12 tho, so I still have a couple of those too!

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    prolly wont take long they shake alot!* J/K

    I'm 27 and have been riding quads and dirtbikes since i was a kid, got my first streetbike when i was 18. I have only had my 03 XB9S for a few months and i love it, its so balanced and it when im in the turns it makes me feel like i can go low enough to drag my helmet on the ground. plus it gets alot of looks because its not your average jap bike.


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    30. Bought the 12r last summer. Did the K&N air filter, breather mod and soon to have hawk exhaust. Also have an ECMspy to do all the tuning. Easy peasy!

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    17. Wanted a Buell since I saw a Thunderbolt for the first time. First bike was a Blast, bored after 6 months & upgraded to an '07 XB12R.

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    I am 63 and just got my second Buell a 2008 XB9sx. I have had over 100 bikes and have been riding a long time. It ant over till it's over.

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    prolly wont take long they shake alot! J/K
    When I first got mine, I would bolt things back every time I got back from a ride. I lost one side reflector on the highway the first day I got the bike, and one time the bellypan ended up with only one bolt during a ride, flapping in the wind, thankfully I was a couple miles from home. Idk what the previous owner had done, but I replaced most bolts and added LocTite on some of them. Especially the gear lever bolt was replaced and loctite was used, 'cause it will come loose all the time during fast rides.

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    20 an less then a month from 21. On my second Buell. First was an 03 XB9S black and silver. Second and current bike is 06 XB12R black and orange/amber!!!! Love the Buells will never get rid of mine.

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    25 got my 07 xb9r three years ago. Will run till she dies the pull a Frankenstein if i can.

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    I'm 26, bought my first Buell (XB12s) 1 year ago, absolutely love it!....had plenty of jap bikes prior but nothing puts a smile on my face like my Buell : )

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    58 now, bought my XT in 09 as a new leftover. Only bike I can afford unless I hit the lotto, then I'll build a garage and fill it. Looking for a place on the bike to mount a container for my ashes, then I can keep riding in the afterlife!:D

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