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    I've had a Drummer for about 5 months now. First I must say I really love it. Noticeable power gain and much louder than stock. But, like most of us "red blooded hooligans", I want it to be louder. Has anyone taken the end cap off the Drummer and seen if there is any stuffing, or whatever, which can be removed to make scream that much more hellish? I know I maybe should have gone with a D&D, but when deciding, I wanted top performance and bitchen sound. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    change the muffler = change performance.

    removing stuffing will only cause a limited life-span of you pipe.
    it will also cost you low-end torque.

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    I've never taken one apart but a guy I talked to at the Buell homecoming said he did. He said that inside you will find it is essentially open with a perforated inner shell a little smaller than the factory outer shell. Between these two are some packing to lower noise. It's my opinion that removing that inner shell or the packing or whatever you'd like to get the sound you want will have zero affect on performance. So I say go for it. If you don't like what you end up with just put it back the way you found it.

    I don't know how removing the packing would lower the life you your "pipe" which is really just a muffler. The stock buell muffler essentially has no "packing". OK There is a liitle in the front wall of the front chamber but it is very little.


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    People with Jardines who did not repack once all packing has blown out have noted they fall apart vs those who repack every few thousand miles. My guess is nothing to absorb sound pressure.

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    That's a good point.

    I didn't think about the fact that the Drummer has the end cut off and an aluminum end riveted in place. The Drummer mat hold up better with no packing than the Jardine because it is larger (more volume to damp the pressure wave) and also the outer case is still steel.


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