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Thread: What else do you have in your Garage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunaticfringe View Post
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^nice rigs son! big lake out there to boat in or what??
    thanks john! couple smaller lakes in driving distance. We generally boat on the Missouri River, the boat ramp is a couple blocks from my house this site has few pics of our humble little marina/campground, it isnt much, but it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njloco View Post
    I have a friend that is rebuilding as Plymouth like yours with the wing.
    if he is... and it really is an original Chrysler Nascar SuperBird......then it's going to have a hidden factory verification number that few know exist or where it's located. betting he doesn't. if he wants to know where it is, what it is and what it means he should contact me.

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    Will do and thanks, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

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