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Thread: What else do you have in your Garage?

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    Apr 2009
    50dro Nice Fox! What brakes did you put on it? What color is the interior? I finished and sold this one this summer.
    Thanks! Yours looks good too! I ended up with the stock 1995 front setup and the Ford Racing M-2300m rear kit which basically gives me 2004 Cobra-spec rears. I'll probably upgrade to the Cobra fronts at some point but I'm real happy for now the way it is.

    The interior is grey and it's a mix of '90 & '93 interiors with leather seats.

    Time to put her away for the winter soon

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    Thats better, 2004 Monaro (GTO)

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    is there a lites class for supermoto?

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    my truck all nice and salty showing the larger tires next to the stock ride heigh.

    the wheels that go in those tires

    and me with the little something that's in the trunk!

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    how u gonna lift that idependent suspension explorer, do they make a kit. please dont say your gonna put a body lift on it

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    You have to make your own, which is what i was hoping someone would catch =]
    its a bull**** lie, ha, those tires are on this truck instead of these horrific stock ones. from 1953.

    the wheels are on my truck, they're crager soft 8's 15" wheels. I have some metric bf goody a/t's that end up being around... 30.8 inches i think? But yes, i would need to do a custom lift on the explorer. good catch

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    I see a few stangs, nice! I keep telling myself someday I will have one. Until then, here is what is in my garage:

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    Just a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport for now its my daily driver and is plenty fun in the mud and snow :D but next year will become my secondary transportation once i buy a buell. Only mods are i swapped out the stock 16"x7" rims for 15"x7"s off of a 1994 explorer 4 door, basic k&n cold air kit and i painted the stock gray trim and bumpers with rustolium spray on bed liner to give it a different look

    heres what she looked like

    and heres what she looks like now

    and i also have a 1997 Yamaha Blaster 200 2 stroke best and most reliable quad ever (well in my experiences)

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    New addition to the family. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago. 00 M2, 31K miles, V&H pipe, ASB intake, jetted carbs, thunderstorm heads. Cleaned it up a bit, changed all the fluids, plugs with Taylor 8mm wires, adjusted the clutch and gave it a sweet, ghetto, rattle can flat black paint job. This one will be my long range bike.

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    Very nice Ralph

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