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Thread: What else do you have in your Garage?

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    baja, nice decision on the swap, now all you need is an allisons tranny and you'll have a built proof setup!
    Ehh they arent as great as you think once you go past stock hp and torque. But I'm putting an NV5600 6 speed manual out of a Dodge Ram behind it, auto's are for girls.

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    btw my truck doesn't look that gay anymore has much larger tires, the gay ass hub caps. i like the f150. hey ridgeback how many ci's is your engine?

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    I'm also in the market for an Infiniti M35 (not G35) for my wife so our 2007 Rescue Green Jeep is for sale. Anyone interested? You can see it on 2007 JEEP Wrangler

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    Nipomo, Ca and Lake Luzerne, NY

    Geezer Glide

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    I got
    67 Olds 442 clone
    09 Toyota Tacoma TRD 6spd

    famliy projects
    69 Camaro restore(my mom is the orignal owner)
    69 VW bug (not sure what to do with this no title)
    50 somthing Nash Metropoilitan

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    Love the Lincoln, it's my dream car. Care to trade?
    depends what you got, and there is also the problem of shipping, i'm in New Zealand.

    still, it can be done i got the car from PA had it trucked all the way to LA then on a boat over here, so nothings impossible

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    snow blower

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    LOL, thanks, I think I would rather find something closer to home. How's things in New Zealand? I've got a friend that lives down there, his name is Blue. He's gotta H-D fatboy, he's always buying parts when he is over here for work. Airport customs freakin' hate him, LOL.

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    Pur pony....Love the notchback, super clean!!

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    just sold my zx7rr to get my xb12r still got my street legal klxr400 .pro street 55 chevy,pro touring 72 camaro,67 cobra,69 trans am,sea doo gtx and my supercharged z71 to pull them all.

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