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    Hi guys, i know there are a few of you in town as i have seen you going the opposite direction on 95.
    May be when the weather warms up a bit get a meet together.

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    Vegas is looking more promising every day...was worried I was leaving my great group of buell riding friends for a nearly non-buell area...

    Here is another Buell rider trying to get a group together:

    Seems like it might be easier to keep in touch with each other on the Vegas thread on badweb...

    Kind of bare for now, but if we get some regulars we could definitely get some fun rides and fun times happening!

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    I have been looking for other Buell riders here in Vegas!! I have met a few on base and want to get together for a ride when it warms up!! Let me know when and where!

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    That's so true!! Always only seeing everyone going the other way. I get excited seeing other Buells here. There are many Buell haters here too an I love it. We should all meet up sometime. However, gonna tear the bike apart again to change the base gasket. I'm dropping oil like crazy. It'll only be out this week and part of next week.

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    We definitely need to get a group together, PM me your numbers so we can text or call to set up some rides! Or post on up to the vegas thread on badweb, I have a link to it above.

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