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Thread: Specialty Welding and Fabrication

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    If anybody needs something welded just let me know.
    I own a performance shop and can weld most anything. We can do Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Inconel, and so on. We also do fabrication. We are located in Rochester, IN. Just call or text 5748353408 or email me at

    If you want to see some of our finished jobs for assurance just let me know.

    Thanks Sovereign Performance

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    oooooooo...... Inconel headers.

    How about a lattice frame tail/seatpan area made of Ti.

    Those two parts would probably end up being a bit costly but worth it.

    Do you guys have some pictures of previous projects you'd like to share with us? I think there's a lot of people here who appreciate some Fabrication pr0n to oggle.


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    Heres what I could gather up off what I had on my comp. Nothing to special.

    Cummins valve cover.

    The only way we know how to weld. Perfect.

    My bike that we built from the ground up. 03 XB9R engine and yep still fuel injected. Feel free to ask questions.

    Billet aluminum engine mounts for my bike.

    Oil tank built by hand for my bike.

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    Dime welds! VERY clean work. Would you offer billet mounts for our Buells?

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    Sure can. What mounts were you thinking about. I still have some off the buell I got the engine from.

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    Also the "cage" on the front of the engine would look good in Ti or SS.

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    The engine mounts would be killer. Do you offer hard anodizing?

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    what about maybe getting some more hidden caliper hangers fab'd as well? The brembo brake upgrade is so worth it. Amazing difference.

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    You guys could make some equal length headers for the XB's that run under the bike and curve out the sides. That would be awesome.. I know people have been wanting "straight pipes" that actually work well including me!

    Sorry if you don't do pipe bending.. that just the first thing that came to mind :D

    Also.. I think this would be a great idea..

    Since all of us that like or have to ride in the rain.. how about one of those fenders that could be mounted to the rear axle sliders or something and stops us from getting a soaked ass!! I'll pre order that for sure! MN has some gloomy wet days and I want to ride the most out of the 5 months we get here.

    Something like this! Detachable would be such a seller.

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    TRILL WHAT PART OF MN ARE YOU IN (please be by me) S. MN for me

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