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Thread: Stage 2 of my streetfighter

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    Just got my new exhaust on and some 60 degree weather to ride in this weekend. Finally got around to my S tail conversion this winter and got my D&D on this last week. Now it's time for a gas mask and lots of riding. Here's a cell phone pic, will get some better one's this week. Time to play :D

    More pics to come

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    One more cell phone pic

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    Looks bad ass! I know I can search but do you have the link to do the seat job? It looks mean.

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    very nice!!!!! i do love the rear end on ur bike!!!!!

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    Looks pretty good man. I see i wont be the only one without a front fender

    Are you planning on putting the lower chin fairing on? if not, you should shave the mounting plate off the D&D to clean it up.

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    Dang! Fenderless looks sick.

    What's in it's place?

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    Once you paint the rear rails it will come together nicely.

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    I agree. No fender looks awesome. I also like the TT fork tingys.

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    How does it do without the front fender, ever since mine has been off during my build, Ive been liking it more and more without it.

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    Sorry haven't been on in a while. Fenderless looks sick until you find some water then you get a nice racing stripe up the middle of your helmet. I have the frame rails painted flat white right now, will powdercoat them next winter but they are gonna stay that color. I have a carbon tail piece from trojan so they contrast nicely. The airbox and windscreen are gonna be white with the stripes in black. The tail section was easier for me than nitto because I have the tail lift kit that filled the gap. Bought an scg seat and the internals from HD and the frame rails and tray on ebay. When its time for some new rubber I'm gonna throw some fatter rubber on the front and back to fill it up some more. As far as the exhaust, I was hesitant on trimming it back because I don't want to void the warranty on it but with what I've done to my bike already I think my factory warranty is voided. More pics to come. I'll use a digital next time instead of my phone though.

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