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Thread: Inside Motorcyle Magazine 'Full on Buell'

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    My buddy is a professional photographer and an AJAC member (automobile journalist association of Canada).
    Anyhow, he's recently got into Bike photos.

    Check this link (second article down). It a completely customized S1 lightning built by Motorad here in Calgary. This is the shop that will be doing any additional work on my 07' XB12.

    Anyhow its pretty slick looking. Big Bore Kit, Ducati Tail Etc....

    Full On Buell

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    Dude, that is sweet. I want it!!!!

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    It is pretty bad ass!

    Although not Buell, he's also been shooting some classic bikes here in town.

    Check it out if you're interested...

    Classic Bikes

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    sweet buell like it alot , and the ones on aug 27 pics , . real great photogragher. i like how most of them was not the typical bike backgrounds , very good and different.

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    very cool looking bike for sure! well done!

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