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Thread: Flashing a Race Map to ALL Buells (08+ too)

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    Edit: no longer relevant. This method is not a safe way to adjust your bike. Please obtain proper instruction.

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    Awesome right up. I am going to need to read this atleast 20 more times before I try it, but I am excited to be able to tune my bike now.

    I have asked this alot, but I have never gotten an answer. The 2010s with 2 O2 sensors, is there anything special about tuning them?

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    !!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

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    I was wondering how to find out which firmware my bike has.

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    I think this needs to be sticky.

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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the rep points and kind comments so far. I'm sure I've missed one or two things, so hopefully this will be edited along the way to make it as helpful as possible.

    To determine your firmware, follow the instructions above. When you fetch your eeprom using either ECMRead or ECMSpy, it is indicated. In ECMSpy, it shows up in the bottom left hand corner. Look in the bottom left of each one of the four windows here, and you can just barely make it out:

    In ECMRead, it is indicated when you are informed that your eeprom has been saved: the first part of the file name it writes to is the firmware. You can see it here:

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    Rep point for octo

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    I agree with dustin. Defiantly sticky material.

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    Make it sticky please

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    Sticky is a must!!

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