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Thread: How To: Build your own Wireless ECMSpy cable!

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    I most be blind, but is there a link where you can buy just the plug that goes into our bike?

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    Ali you are right. i can just buy a cable. i like to tinker with things. it was just an idea to build some thing different to use on our bikes. didnt know if it would work. i have build my own usb cable and was in the process of buliding the bluetooth cable as per the instructions here. but that was a year ago. if there was a way to use one cable for both my bikes, it wouldl be easier for me. use it for programming and what not on the firebolt and use it for gauges on my vrod.

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    Does anyone have an idea how to do this using a USB cable instead..

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuelseggs View Post
    Does anyone have an idea how to do this using a USB cable instead..

    Like this? I made my own laptop cable years ago. Before they were available for purchase and when ecmspy was free.
    Look for buell ecm laptop cable many sources now.

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