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Buell XB Service Manuals and Specs

Buell performance service manuals are for Buell XB series motorcycles. Most other service manuals and specs are very similar for all Buell XB series motorcycles and model years. Performance can change with the addition of Buell aftermarket parts. NOTE: The website has been slow lately, so I have deactivated the links to the PDF downloads temporarily in an attempt to identify if they are causing the forum to slow down. Even if this is the case, I will host the service manuals somewhere else and re-activate the links. Thank you for your patience.

Buell XB9, XB9R Service Manual PDF Downlaod (2003)

Buell Firebolt XB9-XB12 Service Manual PDF (2005)

Buell XB12

Buell XB9

Other Information

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